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Custom Yamaha XS650G
5 years ago

Custom 1980 Yamaha XS650G

Custom Yamaha XS650G

Yamaha XS is a popular motorcycle donor, which is commonly used to build a cafe racer, Brett-custom bikes and other types of custom bikes. Tyler lives in Boise, Idaho, and he was lucky to buy Yamaha XS850G 1980. So, Tyler, along with his partner of Ted “Handlebar Customs” began to remodel the bike for his brother who lives in Texas.

Custom 1980 Yamaha XS650G Project Details:

Goal: build scrambler / Brett-Custom
Frame: redone and overcooked new stretcher
New components: tidy, steering wheel and mirrors
Saddle: homemade, covered in leather
Color: metallic with quality matt finish

Custom Yamaha XS650G Pictures

Custom Yamaha XS650G silencers

Custom Yamaha XS650G Front light

Custom Yamaha XS650G Images

Custom Yamaha XS650G LOGO

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