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CST off road tires
4 years ago

CST Off Road Tires

CST off road tires

Tires are one of the most important accessory of motorcycles. Every motorcycle manufacturer keeps this thing in mind. They use tires from different companies and so the tire industry is doing so much efforts to provide the excellent stuff to their consumers. Classifications of tires are not very simple, we have dirt bikes, super sport bikes, heavy rides and many others, so they produce all kinds of tires as per demand. CST is one of the major tire making company for every type of vehicle. Most importantly they have produced some excellent off road tires for dirt bikes and adventurous rides.

CST off road tires

Recently, at the AIMExpo CST displayed few of their finest work and were appreciated by riders and motorcycle manufacturing engineers. Few of the models are by CST has made a difference in the motorcycle history. We will talk about those few models for our readers. CST use some finest material for tire making and doing excellent job over the past few years. One of the great feature of CST tire is its Durability and the ability to crush even the hard tracks and rough side of roads. At AIMExpo 2014 they displayed their tires including, Legion desert, Legion MX-V1 and Legion Trials.

CST off road tires

Legion Trials possesses some ultra-soft rubber compound and a dynamic design and it is capable of giving best rides on rough roads, tracks and even dirt which is the specialty of CST.

Legion Trials

Legion MX-V1 is an intermediate moto tire. It delivers awesome braking and traction control in difficult situations like cornering and sharp turns. It has long tread patches with provide a great grip in different soil conditions on motocross tracks. This tire provide great control and grip on the road even in the leaning positions.

Legion MX-V1

Legion Desert is a pure adventurous production for the dirt bikes. Its front tire has a complete center tread for rolling and the rear is designed to provide good grip and it has a large contact patch and more rubber to take hold of the ground.

Legion Desert

Few other models of CST also possess great qualities of providing good grip on the road. CST C183A is one great tire for a dirt bike which provide great control and smooth ride in the dirt. Few other models in the same category of off tires are: CST Surge C7210, CST surge C7209, CST Surge mini C7224 and CST surge P C7220.

CST off road tires

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