Creative Joker Helmet by NumSkull
6 years ago

Creative Joker Helmet by NumSkull

Creative Joker Helmet by NumSkull

Many motorcyclists are a kind of road bullies in a good way. This is especially true for owners tuned street fighters, who often like to stand by custom helmets with a unique airbrush.

Amazing helmet Joker created a master under the pseudonym “NumSkull Helmets”. Judging from the photos, the work of a designer is very high quality in which everything is thought out to the last detail, especially the back of the muzzle with an evil Joker. The “NumSkull Helmets” plans to create the Iron Man helmet and helmet with airbrushing for heroes.

Joker Helmet

Joker Helmet Back Pictures

Joker Helmet front

Joker Helmet Pictures

Joker Helmet upper side pictures

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