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7 years ago

Coolest Ever Proxima Hybrid Car Bike Concept

Proxima Futuristic Car Design

Proxima is meant to be a merge between a car and a motobike. It has 2 tandem seats. From the front to the rear it ideally change from a car to a bike. Its a combination of two wheelerfun and four wheeler comfort. It is designed beautifully by Alvino, an Italian based designer company. Proxima passes the thrill of its stunning and aggressive aerodynamics fully through its steely frame and chrome alloys. The wheel arrangement might be seen to offer less maneuverability than a traditional motorcycle, but at the same time could present a whole new level of excitement and capabilities. Proxima adopted an eco-friendly hybrid engine and have an unique design of front-car back-motorcycle style.

perfect middle point between a car and a motorbike

 promixa car motorbike hybrid

Proxima Car Bike Concept

Car bike hybrid vehicle

Proxima concept car

The Car Bike

cool proxima car motorbike

3 thoughts on “Coolest Ever Proxima Hybrid Car Bike Concept”

  1. Is it street legal? Or best yet.. how often will you get stopped and asked lots of questions about the origin or the guidelines you need to drive on the streets of small towns or large cities. Any information on this from owners and their “Pro’s & Con’s”.. Thanks..

  2. I love love this moterci it looks w
    vary,vary safe to me but you must tell me is it safe enough for a woman my age to drive? And is it available? and easily Neuf to drive?

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