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Cool Look of Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept
8 years ago

Cool Sleek Racing Bike Concept

Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept ia a new style and attractive motorbike

After one look at the Indian-branded “Speed Racer” motorcycle concept bike byDan Bailey, it is easy to see how he incorporated the main characters in the Aliens movie franchise into the aesthetics. Using the specs on the Kawasaki Ninja as his framework, Bailey sought to design a bike that was rugged but maintained a sleek look—a mission he has certainly accomplished.

Different Styles of Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

Daniel Bailey is the designer of this sleek looking race bike. It was inspired by the Alien character from “Alien”. It’s supposed to be as aerodynamic as possible and the stats (height, wheel base etc) are based on the Kawasaki Ninja. It’s designed to be a racing bike in the near future.

Cool Look of Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

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