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Concept motorcycle ‘India’ Pictures
5 years ago

Concept Motorcycle ‘India’ by Chetan Rao

Concept motorcycle ‘India’ Pictures

Concept motorcycle “India” is developed by designer Chetan Rao, who tried to modern India internationally. India has never been famous for innovative designs of cars or motorcycles, but the Indian economy is growing at a tremendous rate, and this applies to all areas of activity, including education and technological level.

Rao borrowed the design of the front suspension and steering from famous inventor Norman Hossack, although the frame and chassis designed independently. At the heart of the concept of set he used V-twin engine, which is a relatively unconventional, the center of gravity bike as low as possible. Overall, motorcycle design is made in a futuristic style. “India” motorcycle concept design is very innovative and elegant.

Red India Concept Motorcycle

Concept motorcycle ‘India’ by Chetan Rao

India Concept Motorcycle Handle

India Concept Motorcycle Images

India Concept Motorcycle Photos

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