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Classic Custom Kawasaki W650 by Motor Rock
6 years ago

Classic Custom Kawasaki W650 by Motor Rock

Classic Custom Kawasaki W650 by Motor Rock

Japanese experts “Motor Rock” rebuilt classic Japanese motorcycle Kawasaki W650, which is now discontinued, as a few years ago, the company introduced a new generation Kawasaki “Kawasaki W800.” However, the model W650 is popular and a perfect donor.

In this case, the master of Motor Rock tried to make the Kawasaki W650 even more classic. Obviously, they drew inspiration from the British classics, for example, Vincent Shadow. It is worth noting that the best donor for this project was difficult to find, as the production model Kawasaki W650, is a sort of modern interpretation of the classic British motorcycles of the 1960s (for example, Triumph Bonneville).

Details of Custom Kawasaki W650:

Donor Kawasaki W650
Stock engine Kawasaki W650 with original filters of Motor Rock
Significantly altered frame + home-made pendulum and rear suspension
Fork Motor Rock
Customize handmade wings
Customize the battery cover
Customize saddle
Stock headlight, rear light Customize

Traditionally experts Motor Rock altered virtually every detail of the Kawasaki W650, to create a truly unique classic cast.

Classic Custom Kawasaki W650  on STand Photos

Classic Custom Kawasaki W650 Pictures

Custom Kawasaki W650  silencer and engine photos

Custom Kawasaki W650 Images

Custom Kawasaki W650 Pictures

Front side of Custom Kawasaki W650

Back side of Custom Kawasaki W650

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