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6 years ago

Cafe Racer Tshirts & Hoodies

In this post, I am going to shared with you the stylish clothing accessories like Tshirts and Hoodies from team up with 4 designers, who are active in the custom motorcycle scene and commissioned them to each produce a Cafe Racer themed design for us by the name of Lennard Schuurman from Bubblevisor, Maxwell Paternoster of Corpses from Hell, Nicolai Slater the uber talented signwriter from Ornamental Conifer and Adam Nickel whose designs you would have seen at Deus Ex Machina and Sideburn Magazine.

“Life Begins at the Ton” by Lennard Schuurman 

“The Featherbed” by Maxwell Paternoster

“Old’s Cool” by Adam Nickel

In winter, every rider needs a black hoodie under his leather jacket,features the 100mph logo big and bold across the chest.

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