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BSA Gold Star
7 years ago

BSA Gold Star ‘Son of a Gun’ by Lamb Engineering

BSA Gold Star

Son of a Gun’ is said to be one of the most successful UK bikes ever built, after receiving second place in the freestyle class at the 2011 AMD World Championships this is sure to be the case. Son Of A Gun’ is based on a BSA Gold Star, while there’s little left of the original. The engine is a 1951 ZB-model single—which makes it 500cc and according to Larry, it’s an ex-racing engine.

Almost everything is one-off engineering or parts conceived and fabricated by Larry himself or of unknown origin! Hand fabricated parts include the frame, swingarm and gas tank. The wheels, engine, and gearbox were all eBay purchases, and the other materials are scrap from a friend’s steel yard. A whooping 1200 hours plus was spent on this build, although its total cost including paint was only £6000 (about US $9700.)

BSA Gold Star Son of a Gun

Right side view

Right side view

2011 AMD World Champion

Left side view

Son of a Gun

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