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Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 Light
5 years ago

Brett Tracker: Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400

Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 Photos

Matt Hipsley from the workshop “Salty Speed Co.” built a simple and easy-based custom Yamaha SR400 1988. For some time, Japanese motorcycle used for everyday trips, but, as usual, one day it was time to repair.

Matt found the time between projects for customers to do their own motorcycle. He did not have a specific goal, relying only on his own style. Matt used a wide rear tires, rebuilt subframe and installed in the saddle Brett style. However, the most important piece of motorcycle is homemade aluminum fuel tank “Scrambler”.

Other details:

Repainted engine, heat-resistant paint
K & N filter
SuperTrapp silencer
Short aluminum wings
Speedo Daytona
Steering wheel and light pens Posh Factory
Aluminum wheels DID, steel spokes
Dunlop K70 tires

On the new custom bikes Matt went for a few months, then sold it to raise the budget for a new project Honda CB360, which will be presented in May at the event “Throttle Roll”.

Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 on stand

Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 seat

Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 silencer

Custom 1988 Yamaha SR400 Light

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