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BMW R1200R 2008 Front Side Photos
6 years ago

BMW R1200R 2008 Photos and Specifications

BMW R1200R 2008 Front Side Photos

Bulgarian customizer Ivaylo Trendafilov from the workshop “Galaxy Customs” built a cool Bobber based motorcycle BMW R1200R 2008. Initially the task was to make a classic motorcycle with elements of retro, but modern enough, especially with regard to mechanics.

Ivaylo Trendafilov and his team redesigned the frame to change the center of gravity and the angle of the fork. As a result, the bike was a little lower and more consistent with the chosen style. It was removed after the front suspension BMW Telelever, in place which put Ivaylo classic adjustable fork.

BMW R1200R 2008 Disc Brakes

The customizer used the BMW R71 motorcycle fuel tank. He remade for the fuel pump wiring, and most of all the electronics. Trendafilov use native wheel, but made it more compact. He also set filters K & N, which gives the bike sports features and improve the sound of the engine.

BMW R1200R 2008 Pictures

Other Features of BMW R1200R 2008:

• Redesigned exhaust, thermal tape wrapped, small silencer
• Kineo Wheels
• Disc brakes
• Avon Supermoto Tyres
• Old school spotlight
• Stylish brake lights and turn signals with LEDs mounted under the saddle
• Homemade saddle hides signalization and the ignition key
• Aluminum wings
• Black and white painting

BMW R1200R 2008 Photo Gallery

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