BMW Motorrad Concept Electro-Scooter

BMW Motorrad Concepte terrfic model

A Beautiful motorbike of IAA 2011 BMW Motorrad Concept is standing for inspiration

Individual mobility is increasingly defined in terms of sustainability. The BMW Group has taken on the challenges of a rapidly changing world and is now developing serial production solutions to meet the mobility needs of the future. As an integrated part of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad is also addressing issues of individual single-track mobility and future customer needs. In this connection, BMW Motorrad is expanding its business activities to include a new facet: that of “Urban Mobility.

BMW Motorrad Concepte terrfic model

The battery is charged at regular household power sockets as found in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan, There is no need for a special charging station. When the battery is completely flat, the charging period is less than three hours. Practical experience with concept vehicles has already shown that the battery rarely runs out completely, so charging times are generally shorter.

Enjone of BMW Motorrad Concepte

In this way, the future serial production vehicle will provide a long-term, zero-emissions city travel option which is suitable for everyday use.

A Beautiful Model is ridding BMW Motorrad Concept e Electro-Scooter

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