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Skinny Pan by Sunrise Cycles
6 years ago

Beautiful Skinny Pan by Sunrise Cycles

Skinny Pan by Sunrise Cycles

The choice of the people is different from one another. Some people like fast sport bike power of about 200 hp, but no one can deny the fact that the old-school custom bikes have their own charm. For example, the custom-bike Skinny Pan, built by the guys from the California studio Sunrise Cycles. Motorcycle was very interesting. First, the American experts did not use highly rigid frame, instead they found a pair of shock absorbers, but still move a suspension is not too large. Special attention is also worthy of a fuel tank unusual angular shape and the corresponding painting.

In general custom is well balanced and very narrow, as can be seen in one of the photos. There is nothing superfluous.

Skinny Pan by Sunrise Cycles Photos

Skinny Pan Engine pics

Skinny Pan Engine

Skinny Pan Fuel Tank

Skinny Pan Pictures

Skinny Pan Shocks

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