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6 years ago

Beautiful Ducati Sport Classic by ShedX

Ducati Sport Classic by ShedX

Neil from the workshop “ShedX” built a beautiful cafe racer based on Bastardo. A customer handed over his stock Sport Classic, requesting the tank, headlight and rear profile look standard. On the last point was a serious problem, but Neil found a way to get out of this situation. He decided to build its own tail, which is thinner than the original, but is set to stock subframe.

Bastardo modifications and details:

Suede seat
Battery EarthX Li-ion, mount
Customize exhaust 2-1
Zero filters
Tidy old school style Ducati SS 70th
Clip ons Ducati 1098
Headlight Ducati SS
Fork and yoke Ducati 999
Ducati 999 wheels
Front brake Ducati 1100S Multistrada S
Calipers Brembo Goldline

Ducati Sport Classic Photos

Ducati Sport Classic Pictures

Ducati Sport Classic shocks

Ducati Sport Classic Bastardo

Ducati Sport Classic Handle and Fuel Tank

Ducati Sport Classic Layout

Ducati Sport Classic LOGO

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