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Yamaha XJ650 front light pics
5 years ago

Beautiful Custom ‘1980 Yamaha XJ650 Motorcycle by AD HOC

Yamaha XJ650 front light pics

Workshop “Ad Hoc” breathed new life into a motorcycle Yamaha XJ650 1980s g / in. If you look at the portfolio of Ad Hoc, you will see all kinds of custom bikes, ranging from the Honda CB750 to ending Ducati Multistate. However, all bikes are made in a unique style that is practiced only by “Ad Hoc” customizers because they have their own unique style.

1980 Yamaha XJ650 Features:

Donor: Yamaha XJ650 1980s g / in (poor condition)
Goal is to create a long and low motorcycle
Wheels: 16-inch front, 15-inch rear
Tires: Metzeler Marathon
Front: square lamp with a custom mount, great classic speedometer, leather handles, etc.
Fuel tank: Sanglas 400-Y (within the allocated space for lithium battery)
Saddle: homemade, studded suede cloth

1980 Yamaha XJ650 Motorcycle

Yamaha XJ650 break

Yamaha XJ650 Light buttons

Yamaha XJ650 Lock system

Yamaha XJ650 Meter

Yamaha XJ650 Pictures

Yamaha XJ650 Seat, Handle, Fuel tank, seat and back light

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