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57 Norton M50 Pictures
5 years ago

’57 Vintage Motorcycle Norton M50

57 Norton M50 Pictures

British manufacturer Norton began producing prewar model Norton M50 in 1933, using a smaller engine models from M18 and ES2. After World War II the company Norton ceased production of many models and model M50 revived only in 1955, using parts ES2/19S. The engine of the new bike had a working volume of 350 cm3 (71 x 88 mm) and 7.1:1 compression ratio.

In 1957, British engineers have made significant modernization: new cylinder head, new cams, improved chassis, new rear hub, new brakes and much more. In 1959, the installed alternator, ignition coil, “Wideline Featherbed” frame and “Roadholder” fork. The following year, the British engineers have upgraded the gearbox (new gear ratios), and in 1961 began to model complete “Slimline Featherbed” frame.

Production model Norton M50 stopped in 1963. The photo shows the restored 1957 model release.

'57 Vintage Motorcycle Norton M50

57 Norton M50 Engine

57 Norton M50 engine side Picture

57 Norton M50 front Light

57 Norton M50 on Stand photos

57 Norton M50 shocks

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