50 Beautiful Arab Girls – Most Beautiful Girls of Arab World


This is an updated list of ’50 most beautiful girls from Arab world’. We are thankful to one of our readers, Jad from Syria for his contribution to this list, Jad contributed 25 celebrities from Syria, Egypt & Lebanon and now this list have 50 beauties. If you know about any Arab celebrity that you think should have been included in this list, please let us know through comments and we will update this post.

1. Zeina an Egyptian actress best known for her soft features and spontaneous personality.

50 beautiful Arab girls

2. Sulaf Fawakherji is a beautiful actresses. She has performed in many syrian series like Muluk Al Tawaef, Thikrayat , AlZaman and AlQadem.

3. Rana Al Abiad is the most beautiful Syrian actress.

4. Jihan Abdelazim is a beautiful Arab actress. She also have won the title of miss Arab.

5. Dima Bayaa is one of the most beautiful syrian actress.

6. Yasmin abd is one of the most beautiful actress of Arab cinema industry.

7. Somya khshab is a glamorous Egyptian actress and dancer. She wants to enter in the fashion world by opening her own store with her mother.

8. Solaf Foakrje is a beautiful and glamorous actress. She has received award for being the best Syrian actress for the year 2005.

9. Safa Sultan is one of the beautiful actress. In a TV drama series “Qitharat Al Sharq” She played the best role of late Egyptian actress “Laila Murad”.

10. Rola Youssef Saad is a Lebanese mode and pop singer and and is commonly known for her public feud & rivalry with other fellow Lebanese singer.

11. Randa Marashly is one of the most beautiful Syrian actress.

12. Nour is a glamorous Lebanese actress, and was born on 23 December 1977 her real name is Marian Phillip Abi Habib.

13. Nesrin Tafish is one of the most beautiful Syrian actress. She was born in Aleppo Syria and have mostly perform in Syrian TV series and drama.

14. Nancy Nabil Ajram is a Lebanese singer and also Ambassador for UNICEF. She had sold over 2 million records ranking and has become 3rd best selling female artist in Lebanese history.

15. Mena Shalaby is a new actress in Egypt with a cute face She is the daughter of the face Egyptian belly dancer Zizi Mustafa.

16. Lelia Atrash is a Syrian actress. She has performed best role in various dramas.

17. Jumana Murad is a cute Syrian actress and is known for her role in the television series al Tarq.

18. Ghada Adel was born in Libya. Her father is Egyptian and her mother Syrian.

19. Elisa Khory is a Lebanese singer. She has won many Arabic and International awards. She is the best known female in the Arab world and one of the best selling female artists in the Middle East as well.

20. Dima Kandalaft is Syrian Actress & Singer.

21. Dana Halabi is a best known Lebanese singer and model. She was born in Kuwait on January 18, 1984. She has performed in various concerts throughout the Middle East and Europe.

22. Amal Hijazi is a cute Lebanese model and singer. She has performed very well in different concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances.

23. Saba Mubarak is a Jordanian actress. She is star of drama series “Al Ijtiyah”

Saba Mubark

24. Nadine Tahseen Bek is a Syrian actress. She is best known for her performance in Syrian drama series “Qalbi Maak” (My Heart is with you).

25. Lilia Al Atrash is a best known Syrian television actor. She started her acting career with the famous actor and writer Yasser al-Azma.

26. Dominique Hourani is a hot Lebanese model, singer, actress and designer. She was Born in Beirut.


27. Yamila Diaz Rahi is a super model basically belongs to Argentina with Lebanese and Spanish roots. She was actually a student of economics in Buenos Aires where luckily she got a chance by a modeling agency to perform.

28. Ward-El-Khal is an actress, dancer, and former model.

29. Valerie Dominguez is a well known model and actress. She has won the title of Miss Colombia in 2005.

30. Rania Al Abdullah was born on 31 August 1970. She is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. She is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful women her focused is at home and abroad, on a variety of causes, notably education.

31. Nelly Makdessy is a Lebanese record producer, singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and model. She started her career in the amateurs TV program “Kaass El Noujoum”.

32. Nawal Al Zoghbi is a Lebanese singer. She has many fans not only in Arab but all around the world. Her musical career has spanned over 20 years.

33. Nadine Njeim is a cute former Miss Lebanon, and also appeared for Miss World 2007 China and Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico.

34. May Hariri is a well known Lebanese actress. She was born on December 24, 1979. She is an actor as well as pop artist.

35. Leila Bekhti is a French Algerian television and film actress.

36. Lamita Frangieh was born in Zgharta and grown in Beirut. She is modell and fashion editor.

37. Lamia Al-Hachem is a talented actress and a model.

38. Katia Kaadi is beautiful actress and model form Arab world.

39.Karima Adebibe was born in England. She is of Moroccan, Irish and Greek Cypriot descent.

40. Jenna Dewan is a beautiful actress, model, dancer. She is well known for her leading roles in Tamara.

41. Hoda Fadel is a beautiful and cute Arabic-Lebanese model and has many fan all around the world.

42. Haifa Wehbe is a Lebanese singer, model and actress, and got fame in the Arab world after being runner up for Miss Lebanon.

43. Dolly Chahine is a amazing looking. She like music, dancing, singing and reading up on vegetarian dishes.

44. Dina Hayek is a famous Lebanese singer. She gained much fame by the release of her second album, Katabtillak.

45. Diana Karazon is an Arabic actress, pop singer and television host. She got fame after winning the Arabic version of Pop Idol called Superstar in 2003.

46. Diana Haddad is a Lebanese singer and Television Personality with Emirati citizenship. Mainly known as Diana Haddad, she is one of the most popular and successful singers in the Arab World and has been so since the late 1990s.

47. Darine Hadchiti is a Lebanese singer. She started her singing career in 2005. She got many success in the Arab world and is popular for her first single Eddam El Kel.

48. Cyrine Abdelnour is a beautiful Lebanese model, actress and singer. She released her first album, Leila Min Layali, in 2004 and second album, Aleik Ayouni in 2006. Abdelnour has also starred in Arabic films and TV serials since the late 1990s.

Cyrine Abdel Nour

49. Aline Khalaf is a well known Lebanese singer. She got fame from a program for amateur singers, “Layali Lebnan”, and won the Global Medal.

50. Joelle Behlok is a Lebanese Actress. She has performed in the Drama series as the lead female role – Princess Shaima – in the Drama series “The Last Cavalier”. She has also won the title of Miss Lebanon 1997 .

source: thewondrous.com

335 responses

  1. not really beautiful..mostly fake and plasticy. a hell of a lot of makeup aswell. none of these girls look as though they would look in the least bit attractive without their make-up

  2. ****ed up article, you got most of the names and the pictures wrong!! wtf change them…or atleast lookup better pictures of the celebrities. Also change the name of the article to “most popular arab girls of arab world” because most of them were average/ugly girls with photoshopped pictures or plastic surgeries.

  3. hi all arab single girls hope to be fine and doing well.
    i am wali shamsi single 21 years old from afghanistan i really like arab girls there for we are muslim with each other and please send me your most beautiful pictures and video clips.
    good luck

  4. THESE AREN’T EVEN ARAB GIRLS. Most are clearly white. How do you explain colored eyes or hair in arab girls? Those are exclusive traits of whites.

    • Arabs are Caucasians! Most Arabs are whites ” Semetic white though” And most of those Girls aren’t as White as mhm let’s say ” GERMANS “!
      Coloured eyes are much reported all over the Arab world since ancient times!! most colored eyes are GREEN , GRAY, LIGHT BROWN and Some Blue eyes ! There are many mixtures of Other colors as well ! which make Arab girls more of a kind 😀

    • So Arab girls suppose to be black and ugly? XDDDDD please read before you speak , you’re making fool out of yourself , most middle eastern Arab girls are pretty and it’s so obvious, ask someone who knows.

    • why do you american people have black people even all american are white people ?
      arabs shouldnt be black or whatever ! look there:)

  5. hey Im an arab and all them are Arabs !!!

    some of the comments say the are not Arabs cuz they are white!!! WTF we are white IM too !!! we mostly look Italina or spanish no African but Gulf people are mostly balck but the levant countries !!!

    welcome to Arab europe in the Levant countries

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  8. @merna WTH? Gulf are black? the original ARABs are from the gulf.
    and I’m not Arab I’m a white american,I live in Saudi -work in Aramco- to me Gulf girls are the prettiest among all arabs. Their skin is glowy,shiny hair &Beyond beautiful eyes.

  9. And let’s not forget. They don’t publish their pictures and don’t go on acting, modelling for cultural reasons and I agree they’re more beautiful to be seen and used that way. Of course most are rich and don’t need money desperately wearing underwear, with all do respect to other Arabs and other races. I truly never seen such beauty anywhere in the world, all the pictures here are crap and don’t represent Arab(gulf) beauty at all.

  10. Terrible selection, only a few were good looking. I mean seriously, katia kaadi and jehan abdelaziz? hideouse is so many different ways.
    And Merna, learn your English and try to make sense next time. Most Arabs aren’t seen as Caucasians just in case you didn’t notice :/

  11. THIS IS SO FAKE… for a start there are 2 hollywood actresses and they are not arabs plus you put fake names for them!!!

    3. Rana Al Abiad, is in fact Evangeline Lilly (from lost)!

    6. Yasmin abd, is Yasmine Bleeth (famous from being in baywatch)!

    … If you’re going to fake some info’, do a bit of research before you browse google images for exotic looking women to put together and pass off as “arab girls!”

    the truth hurts!!!

  12. Well , let me see…1st of all .. the golf people that u see today are not pure, saudi people usually go get marry from lebanon, so they could have better looking kids … most of the lovely looking ladies in the golf now are 2nd generation.. that’s y they look beautiful

  13. pictures are good but truthfully need more time to spend with yourselves to understand how to get the wife looking gorgeous as well as seeing your pictures.

  14. pictures are good but truthfully need more time to spend with yourselves to understand how to get the wife looking gorgeous as well as seeing your pictures.my mom looks better naked in all sense.

  15. the real gulf girls are truly white not dark you morons. and they are the prettiest of all arabs and i agree whith that dude, that they do not show them selves for cultural reasons and not having the need to. P.S. i am in a multi cultural UNI and i see whats around me, so i know what im talking about.

  16. لا بجد فلحتوا يا عرب فى حاجة كتكم ستين واكسة هو دة فخركم بشوية شراميط هما دول اللى هيشهرونا و هينشروا حضارتنا ااااااااااااااااخص

  17. the most beautiful girl is the first one wearing hijab on the list(mashallah)….the rest all look like made-up wierdo…..

  18. Well they are pretty alright but I’ve seen prettier arab girls before. They don’t publish their faces and bodies here. They are originally beautiful and who every marry them .. gosh .. luckiest man on earth.

  19. I think that lebanice and Syrians arent that pretty because they’re full of MAKE UP and PLASTICSURGERY.Un like the *Saudi Arabian girls who known by their beauty and Naturality not like U.S AND EUROPEAN women who known by their masculine bodies and their awfuly skin.

  20. i sorry but you fergot a lot of beautys in the arab world and there are to much mistakes about names of tose women…

  21. i sorry but you fergot a lot of beautys in the arab world and there are to much mistakes about names of those women…

  22. look i think that zaina is a bitch soooooo it should be saba mubarak the first in the list cz she is wayyy so beatiful then that fucking slut

  23. Why do you put random people and claim they are arab ?
    Number 3 is Evangeline Lily, she is American and is an actress in the TV serie “Lost”.


  25. Beautifull efforts to collect all nthese beautifull girls in a one place, no doubt all the girls are very very beautifull. Thanks for thid wonderfull work done by you.

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  27. they are all models & actress is very beautiful, beautiful body, young and energetic. i wish, i want married with all any model and actress want married with then cannect me. i am ready every time. good luck

  28. I think its above all girls is not a muslims. becouase muslims is a in hijab.
    so please dont call him muslims and kuwaid is a small america. not a muslim country.
    becouase arab is islamic countries. and islamic shriyat is a main in slamic countries. but in kuwaid is not fllowe a islamic shriyat.

  29. who cares muslims or not
    and who said all muslims in hijab =
    we have many beautiful arab girls
    but these all are full of make up and sergery =
    its NOT a real beauty 😉

  30. she was able to attain a considerable amount of success in the Arab world and is famous for her first single Eddam El Kel. She is now known as a rising young Arab singer in the Arab world due to her popular songs and vocals, charisma, and arguably provocative videos.

  31. I did not like the look and your list at all. This girl on the 3rd place is nice Rana Al Abiad but she does not look like Arab her face details are like East Europe. And I did not see this girl ever in media. Others I did not like. They have too much masculine face expressions and some of them look like they had bad plastic surgery.

  32. There is some typical Arab but mostly from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan they look like mix with Europeans, like they are from Italy, Spain, Greece. This is because this area was mix with different civilizations. Italian for example this Cyrine Abdelnour,Dolly Chahine …. Not all but some. But there is also some Arabs who are blonde but they look like Arabs. But some darker look like south Europe. But these girls with plastic surgery and make up they look horrible, like hallo ween party.

  33. ya its true most of muslim girls are v very beautiful ….god allah given them jannat why all seaching for spritual jannat…real these girls are paradise here ….looking them only gives feel good to our soul…

  34. I think that only 50% or less they are really beautiful, because they don’t have the special arab and oriental beauty, and -in the fact- if you see their real pictures you won’t think they are beautiful.
    There are other arab girls like angels .. better that these girls.. believe me.

  35. Um… the third picture down in Evangeline Lily… She’s an actress from Canada who starred in the ABC hit show LOST…. how am I the only one who noticed that? (or am I?)
    This makes me wonder about the validity of the other pictures. Yeah, these women are all striking, but I’m not sure they are all who you say they are.

  36. These ladies are not muslims ,they have no religion,they all claim to b muslims orally but practically they are insulting islam and muslims. shame on them

    • u know that its haram to say whether someone is muslim or not, its not your call, ya gahil. After all they might end up better than me and you one day and end up going to a much better place so dont me an idiot and go around claiming that these girls are muslim or not. If anything, its a shame on you 3ashan enta kaffartohom!

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  38. muslim here muslim ther muslim up muslim down muslim everywher FUUUUUUUCK !! have read the title ? it’s about arab girls, not muslim, neither religion ! arab muslim men, u’r really sick !
    all girls there are plastic surgery made. except sirine abd noor, all, realy all natural, and of course, queen rania. there are some mistaken pics, of american actreeses with wng names.

  39. Arab girl should not expose themselves like that of western world where the beauty of girl has been degraded. they are considered very cheap. Arab girls should follow their tradition. thanks

  40. oh Arabgirls is the most beutiful in the world so i need espicialy girl whose name is Rana Al Abiad i like it because it is nice Beuty xaaaaaaaaaax Rana Al Abiad.

  41. Oooooooh Arabian Girls I like them too much… AnD My Cock hase stud up after waching them in these poses… But allas I can’t be with them…

  42. u al are shameless girls..spoiling the name of muslims nd islam.want to do such dirty things get lost nd do sumwhere else..not here..spoiling girls name..u dirty shameless girlss..thuuuuuu on u girlss.u dont hav respect 4 urself,,wat u can liv dis lyf..once again i spit on u girls..huhhhhh

  43. I am 23 years old girl and a Jordanian father dead and live under very difficult circumstances
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  44. Really,Arab girls are so beautiful,especially because of their tradition,unlike european girls they are pretty decent & real follower of islam.

  45. Really Arab girls are so beautiful but they can not enjoy their life because of their tradition, culture and customs like us. I like the Arabic Girls and want love them for making future life partner to gives more enjoy her.

  46. beauty is only realized when body parts are seen. i think some these girls could have won miss universe if their religious culture was not so stringent.

  47. Traditions and religions are nothing a kind of disciplines but everybody soul must be purifies (holy). In my opinion they are the great men and women can respect other traditions, religions, customs, norms etc. Everybody likes to fly on the sky to see the world.

  48. dear mery pass aa jati main app ki tamam hasrat ko porri kr deta. kis or ke agy nangi krny ki kia zaroorat thi and badnami bi thi app ko cahiya tha udhar hikisi sy shadi kr leti ta ky pakistan ki badnami na hoti. you r very very gashtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and so gashtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  49. i have a few problems with this list.
    Yasmeen bleeth.6. Yasmin abd is one of the most beautiful actress of Arab cinema industry.
    Not an arab! 29. Valerie Dominguez is a well known model and actress. She has won the title of Miss Colombia in 2005.

    3. Rana Al Abiad is the most beautiful Syrian actress.evangeline_lilly from lost!
    that is enough to make one have to question the whole list
    D, ,

  50. Aline Khalaf, I like your person in no small measure and you are bewitchingly pretty and you beauty mesmerize me.

  51. I don’t think that these ladies should call muslimes.all these are out of frm islam bcz islam does not allow of this.infact all these ladies want to bring down islam but i want to tell these dirty ladies that islam is a perfect religion and no body can bring it down …

  52. don’t speak about the arabian girle’s like that they are speical and non of you europ boyz can’t get wat we got so fuckkkkk your momz

  53. this is the most retarded article ive ever seen. stop browsing girls on the internet and go outside. we have them in irl too.

  54. I like these girls sulafa fawakherji,safa sultan,ghada adel,syrine addelnour,diana karazon, i most like ghada adel because mu name is adil and she is name adel so i like u

  55. Beutiful, realy the gift of Allah Pak / being a muslim I will be happay to be a friend with any of these / or other any arabian girls.


  57. hello.
    First of all,most of these girls are muslim arabs (looking at their names),only num 3 is evangeline from LOST! as a muslim girl i find it really insulting for muslim girls to pose in such semi nude postures which goes against our shariah. Imagine these lustful comments posted up by these males who r considered as non-mahram for them. these dirty looks,stares n comments..its like being literally RAPED> beauty ismeant to b hidden n not exposed. it is such a shame for our community. Posing in underwear just for money….where r the arab people going?!

  58. No 6 is Yasmine Bleeth. She is the star of the American show Baywatch,which was popular in the 90’s.And she is a beautiful Jewish girl.

  59. Hi to all, I’m from Dubai and sorry about my english.. Arab girls are beautiful it’s fact but they wear alot of makeup in thier whole bodies… White girls got natural beauty they don’t wear tooooooooooooooooooooo much makeup like arab… that’s y i would love to go for natural beauty.. white girls rules for me even i’m arab guy

  60. I’m from Egypt and I tell u number 3 is Evangeline Lilly and she is Canadian not Syrian!!!! Number 6 too is not Arab.. You, guys, are so full of it!!

  61. Fake list, Most of these girls are not ARABIC, and the ones that look so fake. ARABIC GIRLS UGLY and FAKE the look like SheMales no wonder their man cover their faces thank you ARABIC GUYS for doing that because you are saving the rest of the world from these UGLY DOGS you call ARABIC women.

  62. Fake list, ARABIC GIRLS UGLY and FAKE the look like SheMales no wonder their man cover their faces thank you ARABIC GUYS for doing that because you are saving the rest of the world from these UGLY DOGS you call ARABIC women.

    • teri bhen ki kuusssssss main lund ye randian meri hain .. lund kat dunga maan k lore …
      teri maa behnai nai hain ghr main

  63. Most of you people are so stupid and ignorant it’s almost laughable. None of them are ugly and if you really think they are; I would hate to see what you call pretty, or do you consider a cow or a pig beautiful? Anyway I know most of you are on the “blind “media told me to hate these people” mind set, but I really think you should work that out before you end up looking lit an ass in front of an actual intelligent person. Yes some of them could have had plastic surgery, I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but how many westerns have had plastic surgery and where a shit load of makeup? That’s right, most of them and not even just the celebs, I’m talking about regular people too.
    So all you haters can shut your racist-ass, stupid-ass, prejudice-ass, fake-ass, ignorant-ass up.

  64. Muslim and/or Arabian women are the most attractive/beautiful ladies in the world. It is a shame most have to wear a covering to hide that exquisite beauty. Jewish women come close, aka Natalie Portman and Lauren Bacall. Lauren was the prettiest woman alive when in her twenties. I do not want Iran and Israel to go to war because the world will lose allot of gorgeous women.

  65. Terrible! Arabs with theirs crazy religion cant be beautiful! Toooooo much make up and photoshop! They are not natural! If you remote all make up it Will just be crocidiles! No one is more beautiful then Russian an european girs!

  66. sorry for spoiling your little false praising party. To be honest-seeing these pics remind me of these words: fat, old , bitch , and whore.

  67. Aishwarya Rai is unbelievably breathtaking, Angelina Jolee also, but she needs to gain some weight, Freida Pinto is naturally beautiful, Adriana Lima, Deepika Padukone, they all have a very unique look and I think usually when they are mixed with other ethnic backgrounds that is usually a very nice combination and makes for unique features.

  68. first thing most of these women r ugly not all must becuase of the make up and plastic sugary i see more beautiful women in the street every day and about the color of skin and eyes we r mix some white some black and some brown but must brown, eyes some r green some r blue but most r brown n black and other colors i know i m an Arab

  69. Arabic beauties are such a created by specally god.We never can seen this type of beauties in the world.I really like and love to Arabic beauties.So beauties as Angel.

  70. la cosa esta hecho nadie que tienest ia culpa para mi mas importante cuidate familiar mejor posible antes que te culpa a otro persona que nunca conocer ustedes gracias mujer

  71. First thing most of these women r ugly not all must becuase of the make up and plastic sugary i see more beautiful women in the street every day and about the color of skin and eyes we r mix some white some black and some brown but must brown, eyes some r green some r blue but most r brown n black and other colors i know i m an Arab

  72. Listen arabs are so pretty I dont know wht the heck ur prob is but hun ur just JELOUS so back off of us and we r white u just cant handle the freeking truth belive it ir not

  73. Well are some quite good pics but I have noticed some mistakes there’s for example a picture of evangeline lilly as rana al abiad, and bekhti isn’t algerian but morocan…

  74. i know of arabs beautiful than those of the list. they arent pretty. too old and not respecting their culture.they are not well dressed

  75. i am so glad that in the world too,the Arab girls are also counted when it comes to a model,singing,dancing.acting.,etc.i really like to be friends with them for intatainment ,and networking,you can add me on skype abdujabaru28.you are so beautiful.

  76. i am so glad that in the world too,the Arab girls are also counted when it comes to a model,singing,dancing.acting.,etc.i really like to be friends with them for intatainment ,and networking,you can add me on skype abdujabaru28.you are so beautiful.

  77. God, Egypt is portrayed as non-West, model sense.
    Thank goodness this feedback many places back,
    won’t get read till second coming.

    Be careful. The beautiful human body is not just in motion,
    buttttttttt (in) emotion—– wound at v-iq x2 (sort of himalaya
    thing)))))))))) predator realm (sex p) will demand twice
    the favours, services, healing, via bureaucarcy of insulting
    your country, religion, deep—-unforgivable depth, for
    those one cannot forgive in effect, one is in emotional
    prison—— to them, the jailer, thee terms of release,
    thee matter then in emotion. Watch-out!
    (mDennnnett AOTEAROA (Nz)

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