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Sigma Karma Evo Pro is a cool front light for motorbikes
7 years ago

5 Stylish Front Lights for Motorbikes

If you’re still riding your bike now, the probabilities are you’re fairly committed to the cause. With so many front lights on offer, it can be a minefield to work out which one is beneficial for you. With settings, burn time, bracket mounts and lumens, it’s a complex list of features and functions to work through. Here are latest and stylish front lights for your inspiration.

Sigma Karma Evo Pro £141.95

Sigma Karma Evo Pro is a cool front light for motorbikes

The Karma has enough cable to easily mount the battery anywhere on the bike, but it is best suited to small-diameter tubes. The spot beam is useful on medium setting for riding on dark roads, and the high beam has the ability of picking out potholes dark short streets for up to four hours.

Electron Terra 2 Evo £124.99

Electron Terra 2 Evo is a combination of two lights

We can’t help being reminded of Disney’s Pixar animation WALL-E when looking at these lights. These are very stylish and are bar mounted via simple o-rings. Having two lights facilitate you a variety of setting options. Out in the sticks, you will require the full beam on both to see.

Moon X Power 500 £119.99

Moon X Power 500 is long black front light

All constant light options produce usable light, but it give visibility confidence on dark roads. Most impressively, the burn time on the ‘high’ setting is 2hr 20min, and ‘Overdrive’ gives a worthy 1hr 40min.

Lezyne Powerdrive £79.99

Lezyne Powerdrive diffrent color front motorbike lights

The incorporated unit fitted the bars with a user-friendly tool-free mount. You will take the semi-spot beam on high as soon as you hit the darker lanes, but we would probably desire to aggregate this with another light if wanting to go faster than 12mph to pick out enough road detail.

Light & Motion Urban 300 £119.99

Light & Motion Urban 300 godon color poweful front light

A really simple rubber attachment, but we can observe the light did twist a lot on the bracket. The spot beam is really effective; we especially like the side amber lights when riding in traffic.

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