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7 years ago

2015 Honda CB 750 Concept Bike

2015 Honda CB 750 Concept hybrid

The 2015 Honda CB750 is a conceptual motorbike, which was created independently of Honda  by Igor Chak, a talented Russian designer based in Los Angeles, California. The CB750 concept utilizes an advanced monocoque construction which consists of carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium. The most interesting element of the 2015 CB750 concept is the advanced array of electronic aids and performance systems.

This cool 2015 honda CB750 has unique ‘diamonds’ shape. Powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine and features an on-board computer which can be controlled through a 5″ OLED multi-touch display positioned right on the fuel tank. It also features radar technology to “sense an upcoming head-on collision and will automatically slow the bike.

This 2015 Honda CB 750 is a predecessor to the 1970s-80s CB.

Make: Honda
Model: CB750
Concept year: 2009
Production year: Theoretical 2015
Engine: 750 cc, liquid hydrogen fueled, 4 cylinder

2015 Honda CB-750 Concept

2015 Honda CB 750 concept bike

2015 Honda CB 750 Motorcycle

2015 Honda CB 750 concept dashboard

2015 Honda CB 750 concept front

2015 Honda CB 750 concept side view

2015 honda

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