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New Victory Hard Ball
7 years ago

2012 Victory Hard Ball Motorcycle

Victory Hard-Ball

Victory has recently unveiled its newest motorcycle, The Hard-Ball at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show. The Hard-Ball is almost entirely matte black, with a touch of red pin-striping to keep it from getting lost in the dark. It brings a touch of touring convenience with 21 gallons of hard saddlebag storage.

The new Hard-Ball is equipped with the 106-cubic-inch, 50-degree, air/oil-cooled Freedom V-twin, which is fuel-injected and belt-driven with a six-speed transmission. The 1731cc Freedom 106 provides a spirited ride producing 109 ft. lbs. of torque and 97 horsepower. The Hard-Ball will reward its rider by adeptly executing multiple functions from local waterhole hopping to mild touring either solo or two-up. The Hard-Ball will be available in dealerships in February 2012 for $18,999.

2012 Victory Hard-Ball First Look

2012 Victory Hard Ballb small

2012 Victory Hard-Ball Tank

New Victory Hard Ball

2012 Victory Hard Ball on stand

2012 Victory Hard-Ball Side view

Riding the 2012 Victory HardBall

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