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2012 Victory Arlen Ness Vision
7 years ago

2012 Victory Arlen Ness Vision

2012 Victory Arlen Ness Vision

If you like futuristic styling, the Victory Arlen Ness Vision is a bike that will definitely make heads turn. This Ness Vision V-Twin motorcycle features a distinctive paint scheme heavy on the black, plenty of chrome for contrast, and accessories straight from the Ness collection, including trunk cargo Rack, trunk liner, Passenger armrest Kit, saddlebag liners and more.

Featuring the Victory 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine that is standard across the line, produces a stout and very capable 97 horsepower. On top of that, the bike also has comfortable seats that make long journeys a pleasure to make. With the signature style to the details all the way down to the ignition key graphics, you will know that Arlen Ness had his hands and mind all over this bike.

Bike parts

Front view

Arlen Ness Vision right side view

Victory Arlen Ness Vision on road


Arlen Ness Vision

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