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2012 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit
7 years ago

2012 Cleveland Cyclewerks THA MISFIT

2012 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit

Tha Misfit is an extremely affordable lightweight and Modern Cafe’ style motorcycle. With an MSRP of just thirty-two hundred bucks, Tha Misfit is positioned as an affordable alternative to the overpriced and over motored commuters currently on the market.

Tha Misfit’s 229cc engine capacity out-displaces those scoots by more than 100cc, and it strikes a much cooler profile. Cleveland Cycle Werks put a lot of good stuff on this little cafe racer, including high-quality shocks with piggy back reservoirs, an inverted fork, and disk brakes on both wheels. The stock handlebar positions a rider in a perfectly neutral position that never gets tiring.

Cleveland Cyclewerks tha Misfit

Tha Misfit Lean Left

Tha Misfit side view

2012 Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit front

tha misfit engine

tha misfit instrumentation

Tha Misfit back side view

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