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Brammo Empulse R front look
7 years ago

2012 Brammo Empulse and Empulse R First Look

Brammo Empulse R front look

After nearly two years of waiting, the wraps finally came off the Brammo Empulse and Empulse R electric sport bikes. Right off the bat from the designations, you can see that Brammo intends for the Empulse R to be a 2012 model, with the base model Emuplse coming out next year. The Empulse will retail for $16,995, while the Empulse R with it’s carbon fiber fenders, headlight shroud and tail-light housing will sell for $18,995.

The main difference between the base model and the R is the material: the Empulse has a plastic body, while the R uses carbon fiber. In addition to the 100 mph/100-mile range achievements, the Empulse also boasts the first clutch and transmission on a production-level electric motorcycle. For Empulse R initial orders will start in June, with the production starting in July. The wait for the more affordable machine is expected to last until January 2013.

2012 Brammo Empulse R

Side view



Brammo Empulse R on charge


Brammo Empulse Unveild

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