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2012 Benelli TNT R Front View
7 years ago

2012 Benelli TNT R Review

2012 Benelli TNT R is standing on the road

Benelli reboots after their 100th season birthday this year to take in the marketplace with even greater perseverance. The objectives have been mentioned clearly: highest possible product quality and modified, more enhanced variety, generation in Tuscany but with marketing functions throughout the world.

Quality takes first priority: the tremendous process of examining, creating and fine-tuning the entire 2012 variety has permitted us to get the best requirements in the marketplace and assurance the Benelli customer stability, enhanced petrol intake and careful motorcycle development.


2012 Benelli TNT R Slight aesthetic modifications and new colours will make the range even more appealing for even the shrewdest motorcyclists, who will appreciate the chassis features and the unique character of the Benelli three-cylinder engine.

2012 Benelli TNT R

2012 Benelli TNT R Red Color

2012 Benelli TNT R Front View

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