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8 years ago

2011 Piaggio MP3 500 Three Wheeler Motorcycle

A Beautiful View of Piaggio MP3 500

Piaggio MP3 500 is three wheel scooter from Piaggio corporate. With aggressive styling and performance, the Piaggio MP3 500 is the three-wheeler for people who want to stand out. Two front wheels and a revolutionary parallelogram front suspension together with the new double ignition Master 500ie engine give the MP3 500 very racy performance while remaining exceptionally safe.  Powered by a high-performance 500ie engine with twin-spark ignition, the Mp3 500 delivers class-beating performance and is offered in two different spec levels: “Sport” and “Business”.

Model: 2011 MP3 Three Wheeler 500
Price: $8,899.00
Bodystyle: Touring Scooter
Warranty: One Year
Manufacturer Country: Italy
Introduction Year: 2008
Displacement (cc): 492.7
Engine Type: Single-Cylinder
Top speed: 89 mph
Gas tank: 3.2 gallons
Piaggio MP3 500 is three wheel scooter

A marvelous bike by Piaggio corporate

2011 Piaggio 500 MP3 ThreeWheeler Bike

2011 Piaggio Mp3 500 Front-Side View

2011 Piaggio Mp3 Sport Revealed

2011 Piaggio MP3 Yourban

Piaggio MP3 500 Very racy performance

2011 MP3 Three Wheeler 500

Piaggio MP3 500 with back side view

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