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1975 Laverda SF2 Custom Photos
5 years ago

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom Photos

Nowadays orange colors has become the trademark of KTM, but in the 70s were synonymous with orange motorcycle bike Laverda, produced in a factory in Breganze, northern Italy. Takashi Iwamoto from the garage “Cascade Cafe Racer” in Hawthorne, California, made a cool racing bike (in the style of motorcycle endurance) based on Laverda SF2 1975. He painted the bike in the original orange color and tremendous amount of work with his friend Hiro Ishihara.

Project details of 1975 Laverda SF2 Custom

The original fairing SFC, slightly altered to install Marchal headlights
Aluminum fuel tank: handmade Takashi – a work of art
Frame: redone, CrMo tube
Pendulum: handmade
Eccentric chain of Kawasaki GPZ750
Engine: new pistons, compression ratio increased to 11:1, racing cams
Pair of 36mm Dell’Orto carbo
Customize handmade exhaust
Build time: 2 years

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom Chain

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom Fuel TAnk

1975 Laverda SF2 Custom Pictures

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