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1974 Honda CL200 photos
5 years ago

1974 Honda CL200 by Dan Mantyla

1974 Honda CL200 photos

Dan Mantyla bought a motorcycle 1974 Honda CL200 and was faced with what to do next: to modify or restore? He is well versed in the mechanics and design, so the choice was obvious. During the day, Dan is engaged in web design, and in the evening transforms into customizer.

Project details of Honda CL200 1974

Goal: building custom bikes that visually resembles the stock bike
Frame: overcooked and slightly altered
Fuel tank: overcooked, repainted
Light: less than the original
Steering wheel: understated
And many more, new tires, exhaust, etc. redone (Detail can be found on the website of Dan)

1974 Honda CL200 by Dan Mantyla

1974 Honda CL200 Front and back

1974 Honda CL200 LOGO

1974 Honda CL200  back light

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