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Custom BSA Lightning
7 years ago

1965 BSA Lightning by The Gasbox

Custom BSA Lightning

Jesse Bassett is the owner of The GasBox, a vintage motorcycle shop in Lakewood, Ohio, and specializes in custom fabrication and vintage motorcycles.  His 1965 BSA Lightning belongs to the second category and is a very fine example of custom vintage motorcycle work.

The ’65 BSA Lightning was a winner of the freestyle class at the ‘Ultimate Builder’ AMD Championship affiliate event in Cleveland. Jesse began the 1965 BSA project in 2009. The bike took two years to build a 1965 model. The frame has been modified with a hard-tail, and the girder forks are from a BSA M-20. The entire engine was disassembled and polished and the sludges were cleaned. Take a look!

Custom BSA Lightning by The Gasbox

BSA Lightning by The Gasbox

1965 BSA Lightning wheel

1965 BSA Lightning by The Gasbox Parts

Custom BSA Lightning

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