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7 years ago

1953 Harley Davidson Model KK Motorcycle

1953 Harley Davidson model KK

Classic motorcycles offer the buyer a “different and unique” type of bike to ride, instead of the typical newer cycles that you see everywhere. 1953 Harley Davidson Model K, is the forerunner of the Sportster. The KK is surely one of the rarest of all Harley motorcycles. Harley-Davidson celebrated its 50th Anniversary in style in the year 1953. An attractive logo was created, depicting a “V” in honor of the engine which had brought the Company so far, with a bar overlaid reading “Harley-Davidson” and the words, above and below, “50 years–American made.

Model KK of 1953 had a flat head engine.
Model KK 1952–1953: 750 cc side-valve engines, using the 45 model bore and stroke.

Harley Davidson KK

harley davidson kk 1953

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