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7 years ago

10 Best Freestyle Class Motorcycles at 2012 World Championship of Custom Bike Building

There are many viewers, whom interested in custom-built motorcycles. Probably they know about the event by the name of “the World Championship of Custom Bike Building” which is held every year by American Motorcycle Dealer magazine in Sturgis, South Dakota. This championship is divided into three classes: Freestyle, Modified Harley-Davidson, and Production Manufacturer. Here we are sharing with you 10 best 10 best Freestyle Class custom bikes in this year’s championship.

Freestyle Class 1st Place, World Champion, Thunderbike (Germany)

This Thunderbike took place in first position from Germany. This type of class with their custom motorcycle called “PainTTless”. The German builders modified 1000cc Harley Davdison Ironhead sportster engine, and used hand-built custom swingarm frame.

Freestyle 2nd place, LC Fabrications (USA)

Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications based in Crawford, Virginia. This “OLD BLACK” bike with a 1976 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster engine and custom-built frame won the second place.

Freestyle 3rd place, Abnormal Cycles (Italy)

Sam Reali and his Abnormal Cycles from Italy won the third category. This wonderful custom motorcycle “Speed-Demon” was made of 74 cubic inch Harley-Davidson JD engine from 1919 and on a 1930 VL frame.

Freestyle 4th place, Kreater Custom Motorcycles (Canada)

Freestyle 5th place, Claes Wärefors (Sweden)

Freestyle 6th place, KW Customs (USA)

Freestyle 7th place, Moore Customs (USA)

Freestyle 8th place, Kreater Custom Motorcycles (Canada)


Freestyle 9th place, RK Concepts (USA)

Freestyle 10th place, Hoosier Daddy Choppers (USA)

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